This is a repository of scripts, small pieces of code, shaders etc. that you may find useful. You use anything from here entirely at your own risk.

MEL scripts:

Light Manager offers Maya artists a quicker more intuitive interface for handling multiple lights simultaneously. The online docs are here.

Python scripts:

imgDetails is for those who like to write their HTML in a text editor the old fashioned way. It uses the very handy "sips" command line utility in Mac OS X 10.3 to create an HTML file containing the names and dimensions of all the web friendly images in the current directory (JPEG, GIF and PNG are supported). This saves you from having to load every image that you want to put on your site into a graphics package to find out how big it is. This script has saved me a lot of time. Mac OS X 10.3 and above only.

lseq is a sequence lister written in Python and designed to be used in a Unix-style terminal (Unix, Irix, Linux, Mac OS X etc.). If you run lseq it will list sequences of frames in a "myCoolSequence.1-24,26-120#.ext" type format. I wrote this script because I found it very frustrating examining directories full of image sequences in a shell.

Csh scipts:

searchRep is a search and replace utility that enables you to edit the names of multiple files at one time. Very handy for turning the unhelpful names that digital cameras give the images stored on their cards into something more human intelligible.

Slim Templates:

Three Channel Trick is a simple slim template featuring a shader that seperates ambient, diffuse and specular components into the R,G, and B channels.

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