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30th March 2015

I was lucky enough to spend about a year and half working as the VFX Supervisor on Ex Machina, the film directed by Alex Garland. I am incredibly proud of the work everyone produced and I think we made something quite special. Double Negative have a digest of some of the coverage in the press and I magine more will appear around the US release in April.www.dneg.com/.

13th November 2012

I've set up a tumblr page in order to get some comic art and illustration I've done out there. It's available at http://www.andrewwhitehurst.tumblr.com/.

28th July 2010

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects is now published. It's available from Amazon. The UK publish date was originally set to be September but it's been brought forward and is available in all good bookshops.

16th April 2010

I've added a sequence listing utility called "lseq" I wrote in Python to the Resources page. "lseq" is very handy for listing sequences of frames in a directory in a "myCoolSequence.1-124#.ext" type format. It handles missing frames and multiple frame paddings fairly gracefully.

5th April 2010

I've uploaded some personal work to the Projects page. There is a short film I made a while back and some Processing mini-projects.

4th April 2010

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects is now available for pre-order on Amazon. 88 visual effects practioners have contributed chapters on all elements of visual effects production. I have written the chapter on digital lighting and handed in my final edits this week. At 800 pages, the book should be the reference work for some time to come. It will published by The Focal Press in late summer 2010.

3rd April 2010

The new issue of Cinefex covers, amongst other things, work done at Double Negative on The Wolfman which I was involved with as CG Supervisor. We discuss the environment work we did as well as some one off effects for the film. In addition to The Wolfman, the issue's main article is a look back over the career of Phil Tippett. Cinefex 121 should be arriving in shops soon.

24th January 2010

I've just added a reading list for students of computer graphics who wish to improve their visual literacy. The list is composed of books I've found especially useful over the years. The list is here.

22nd December 2008

I've uploaded a new tutorial on how we light CG in a modern VFX pipeline. I've used some simple examples to show how you can do this yourself if you have a decent digital camera, a tripod and a Christmas tree bauble. The tutorial is here.

16th December 2008

I've added an article on how the production pipeline in VFX house works. The idea is to show who does what during each stage of a film's production and to show how each of the departments relates to each other. If you are thinking of applying for work in a large VFX company knowing how it all fits together is probably quite useful. The article is here.

6th December 2008

It's taken quite a while but I've finally finished the redesign and updated all the old tutorials and articles to fit into the new scheme. As you can see if you've visited before there are some changes to the menus. Tutorials remains unchanged, though I will be adding a new lighting tutorial soon I hope. I've added an Articles section where I'm going to post pieces of writing often culled from the lectures I've been giving to students over the last few years as well as at Double Negative. The Resources area features scripts I've written and so on. The new Projects page will feature my own personal work featuring short films, interactive art and photography. There's also an RSS feed for the site now which will keep you updated when anything new happens here. Hope you like the new look and the new content as it gets posted.

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